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For over three decades, a passion for the visual has been David's default emotion. After years working as a paramedic, massage therapist, waiter, and bartender, his eye has always led him back to capturing the world around him with an almost magical ability to see what others cannot.

In college, he studied design and art but was restless and unfocused. As the years went by he realized that he not only saw the world most clearly through a lens but that his happiness and fulfillment was wrapped up in translating his vision to formats that others could see and appreciate.

Now, in his late forties, he is maturing into what was always inevitable, a photographic artist.

The desert and its magnificent vistas and miniature wonders suited his growing passion. He left Ohio ten years ago and moved to Palm Springs, CA. Since that move, he has grown as a landscape artist, and has developed an uncanny ability to see the universal in the mundane.  His photos of individuals, graffiti, solitary scenes, and his ability to capture mood and tone, have allowed an increasing demand for his work.

His pictures have been featured in exhibits and local publications, and in the homes of many discerning and creative southern Californians, as well as finding an audience with visitors from around the country.

In addition, his work with architectural and real estate photography and portraiture has made him a recognized member of the local arts community.

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Tel: 760.413.1788


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